Gretchen Rubin in the Washington Post

Are you an Upholder, an Obliger, a Questioner, or a Rebel? The answer might be the secret to understanding yourself and your habits.

Gretchen Rubin calls these personality types the Four Tendencies, and discovering that she is an Upholder helped her communicate better with others. Gretchen discusses her epiphany and defines the Four Tendencies in Sadie Dingfelder’s piece in the Washington Post.

Upholders easily keep commitments to themselves and others. Obligers–the tendency that describes most people–keep commitments to others, but not always those to themselves. Questioners seek to make sense of their habits, and Rebels despise routine.

Which of the Four Tendencies best describes you? See what Gretchen has to say in the Washington Post, and for more detail, check out her book Better Than Before, now available in paperback.


Michael Webber’s Latest Fortune Op-Ed Offers Insights to the Fluctuating Energy Market

Webber Water hand 09_16_15[7]

In his latest contribution to Fortune, Michael Webber presents the case for seizing the opportunity of falling oil prices– and insulating against their inevitable eventual increase.

“We can’t afford to squander dividends gained from lower prices on monster trucks and SUVs, like we did the last time this happened in the 1990s…We need policy changes to make the most out of the confusion  of the current situation – and to avoid the energy mistakes of the past,” he warns.

The call to action in Fortune is only a sampling of Webber’s expert perspective on the intersection of energy and another crucial resource: water. This deeply entwined relationship is the focal point of his upcoming book, THIRST FOR POWER: Energy, Water, and Human Survival. As population growth and climate change collide with public policy and economic growth, Webber lays out a route to stabilizing and sustaining both resources far into the future.

THIRST FOR POWER debuts April 26, 2016 from Yale University Press

Gretchen Rubin and Liz Craft Podcast “Happier” is Live on 1/21 with Guests Jake Knapp and Nir Eyal

Gretchen Rubin and Liz Craft are recording a special live taping of their podcast “Happier” tomorrow night in San Francisco. Fresh off being named one of the best podcasts of 2015, this episode is going to feature Jake Knapp, author of SPRINT which is out on March 8th, and Nir Eyal, author of HOOKED. Tickets are sold out, but the episode will shortly be up on Rubin’s website!


Edgar Award nom for Malcolm Mackay!

The Mystery Writers of America have nominated Malcolm Mackay’s THE NECESSARY DEATH OF LEWIS WINTER (Mulholland Books) as a Best Paperback Original for this year’s Edgar Allen Poe awards for mystery fiction, non-fiction, and television!



THE NECESSARY DEATH OF LEWIS WINTER is the first in Malcolm Mackay’s “tartan noir” Glasgow Trilogy, following hitman Calum MacLean through the city’s gritty underworld. (Part 2 of the trilogy is HOW A GUNMAN SAYS GOODBYE, and Part 3 is THE SUDDEN ARRIVAL OF VIOLENCE.) The acclaimed debut series has been nominated for countless international prizes.


A twenty-nine-year-old man lives alone in his Glasgow flat. The telephone rings; a casual conversation, but behind this a job offer.

The clues are there if you know to look for them. He is an expert. A loner. Freelance. Another job is another job, but what if this organization wants more?

A meeting at a club. An offer. A target: Lewis Winter, a necessary sacrifice that will be only the first step in an all-out war between crime syndicates the likes of which hasn’t been seen for decades.

It’s easy to kill a man. It’s hard to kill a man well. People who do it well know this. People who do it badly find out the hard way. The hard way has consequences.

“Glasgow’s a tough city and this is a tough book . . . very authentic, very gritty, you can really feel the streets. They call this genre Tartan Noir and absolutely The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter is a first class member of that.”—Lee Child

“A quietly absorbing gangland tale, full of moral ambiguities.”—The Times

“A remarkably original debut . . . this is a book that it would be hard not to finish in one sitting . . . a wholly believable and unnerving portrait of organised crime.”—Observer

“Remarkable. Mackay’s achievement is all the more stunning because drawing on his sublime imagination and innate empathy he has created a cast of characters so vivid – especially MacLean, who knows how hard it is to kill a man – that they live on in the memory long after the final page.”—Daily Mail

Already burned through the Glasgow Trilogy? Malcolm’s latest, THE NIGHT THE RICH MEN BURNED, is out in May of this year and currently available for pre-order!

The Longest Night is Out Today!

Andria Williams’ novel is out today! The Longest Night has been lauded as an Amazon Best of the Month and Debut Spotlight, and is a Barnes and Noble Discover pick.

You can read Andria’s essay, Men at Work: The Unexpected Freedom of Writing Male Characters, on Medium now. You can also read a short post by Andria’s editor, Andrea Walker of Random House, about the book.  Andria also posted a pub day thank you to readers on her website, Check her site for info on readings and more.

The Longest Night

In this absorbing and suspenseful debut novel—reminiscent of Revolutionary Road and inspired by a little-known piece of history—a young couple must fight to save both their marriage and the town they live in. In 1959, Nat Collier moves with her husband, Paul, and their two young daughters to Idaho Falls, a remote military town. An Army Specialist, Paul is stationed there to help oversee one of the country’s first nuclear reactors—an assignment that seems full of opportunity.Then, on his rounds, Paul discovers that the reactor is compromised, placing his family and the entire community in danger. Worse, his superiors set out to cover up the problem rather than fix it. Paul can’t bring himself to tell Nat the truth, but his lies only widen a growing gulf between them. Lonely and restless, Nat is having trouble adjusting to their new life. She struggles to fit into her role as a housewife and longs for a real friend. When she meets a rancher, Esrom, she finds herself drawn to him, comforted by his kindness and company. But as rumors spread, the secrets between Nat and Paul build and threaten to reach a breaking point. Based on a true story of the only fatal nuclear accident to occur in America, The Longest Night is a deeply moving novel that explores the intricate makeup of a marriage, the shifting nature of trust, and the ways we try to protect the ones we love.


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