Aaron James on German TV

Aaron James Philosoph

Yes, that’s ASSHOLES: A Theory author Aaron James holding a surfboard on German TV!  Or should we say “des amerikanischen Philosophen und passionierten Surfers James Aaron.” 

If you speak German, watch the clip of Aaron promoting his book–out now in German–from minute 1:30min to 6:50. You can see the clip in English right here.

“Arschlöcher sind meist männlich” und “man begegnet ihnen leider überall” – so die Thesen des amerikanischen Philosophen und passionierten Surfers James Aaron. Und hier im Video noch mehr zum Thema!

Aaron James German ed



Booklist gives Heather Brittain Bergstrom’s debut, STEAL THE NORTH (Viking), a starred review, and calls it “magnetic…resonates on several levels.” Samuel Park, author of This Burns My Heart, says it is “nothing short of magical.” (We’d like to add that in addition to being the author of this fantastic book, Bergstrom also has one of the most stunning author websites we’ve ever seen…you can check it out here.)

If you’re on the west coast, you can catch her reading from STEAL THE NORTH at these upcoming events, including one tonight!

Reading & Signing: Monday, April 14th
7:00 p.m.
Book Passage
Corte Madera, CA

Reading & Signing: Thursday, April 17th
7:00 p.m.
Lyon Books
Chico, CA

Reading & Signing: Monday, June 16
7:30 p.m.
Powell’s on Hawthorne
Portland, OR

Reading & Signing: Friday, June 20
7:00 p.m.
Elliott Bay Book Company
Seattle, WA

Will Ferrell to Star in Battle of the Sexes Drama Based on Don Van Natta, Jr. Article

“HELLO AGAIN EVERYONE, I’m Howard Cosell. We’re delighted to be able to bring you this very, very quaint, unique event.”

Don Van Natta, Jr.’s fantastic ESPN.com article, “The Match Maker: Bobby Riggs, the Mafia and the Battle of the Sexes” has been optioned for film, with (tennis aficionado!) Will Ferrell set to star as Bobby Riggs. 

The story of “The Match Maker” follows the high-profile rivalry between Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean King, culminating in their iconic 1973 tennis match. The match was watched by 50 million Americans, who tuned in to see whether a 29-year-old King could beat the retired 55-year-old Riggs. The question of whether the match was fixed has been bandied back and forth for years. Van Natta, Jr. investigates.

You can watch “Outside the Lines”, a short film by ESPN, made for the publication of Van Natta, Jr.’s story, and his interview with Billy Jean King last year.


Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs

Rave Reviews for Jane Green’s TEMPTING FATE

The magazine’s have it… both People and US Weekly have published glowing reviews for Jane Green’s newest novel, TEMPTING FATE (St. Martin’s Press), which is coming soon on March 25th. People Magazine raves that, “her compelling tale reflects an understanding of contemporary women that’s acute and compassionate, served up with style.”

Visit Jane’s calendar to see her on tour for TEMPTING FATE this month and next!

jane green review

Jane green US weekly

(Click the reviews to view larger)


Inside the Pixar Braintrust

For everyone looking forward to the release next month of CREATIVITY, INC. (Random House) by Ed Catmull, the co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and president of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation, you can have a sneak peek now over at Fast Company. Read an exclusive excerpt from the book and learn Catmull’s reasoning on why things go wrong–even at Pixar, and his thoughts on what our role is in championing new ideas. You can pre-order the book now–it’s out on April 8th!
© Disney • Pixar

Advance praise for CREATIVITY, INC:

Bob Sutton calls it one of the “best business books of all time”.

“Many have attempted to formulate and categorize inspiration and creativity. What Ed Catmull shares instead is his astute experience that creativity isn’t strictly a well of ideas, but an alchemy of people. In Creativity, Inc. Ed reveals, with commonsense specificity and honesty, examples of how not to get in your own way and how to realize a creative coalescence of art, business, and innovation.”—George Lucas

“Achieving enormous success while holding fast to the highest artistic standards is a nice trick—and Pixar, with its creative leadership and persistent commitment to innovation, has pulled it off. This book should be required reading for any manager.”—Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit


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